4′ Knocked Down Slatwall Gondola Floor Display – Black


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49½” L X 24″ W X 54″ H Knocked Down Slat Gondola Merchandiser H Unit Floor Display Black

* Four Sided Slatwall Gondola Display
* 49½” Long X 24″ Wide X 54″ High
* 48″ Wide X 48″ High Center Slatwall Panels
* 24″ Wide X 48″ High Side Slatwall Panels
* Compatible With Slatwall Accessories
* Black Finish
* Assembly Required

Instantly attract shoppers with the DJE Store Fixtures slatwall floor displays! Each of these merchandisers help you create visually appealing and individualized displays that are designed to boost your business. Available in multiple finishes to match or enhance your current furnishings, these slat displays can be used with any of the slatwall accessories also found at DJE Store Fixtures.

Additional information

Weight 1900 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 6 in

Unassembled, Assembled +$40