12″ L X 6″ D X 6″ H Grid & Slat Wire Basket – Black


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12″ Long X 6″ Deep X 6″ High Gridwall & Slatwall Straight Wire Basket Black

* 12″ Long X 6″ Deep X 6″ High Basket
* Heavy Duty Wire Construction
* Compatible With All Grid & Slat Panels
* Black Finish

The wire baskets found at DJE Store Fixtures are solid construction, top quality products that are perfect for any showroom. Each of these wire baskets has a universal backing and is compatible with both grid panels and slatwall panels. The choice is yours. As the baskets are easily added and removed, creating displays for your merchandise has never been easier! Pick your size and display products from small to large. The baskets are available in black, white, or chrome finishes, and straight or slanted styles enhancing, and accenting your displays.

Additional information

Weight 1.33 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 3 in